spyware for cell phones

What is Spouse Spy Software?

SpouseSpy is a service which allows you to secretly monitor your husband or wife in real time. This unique system records every cell phone activity they perform in real time.

You'll be able to see all these activities:

text bubble image
Every text message with full text even if the phone's logs are deleted.
phone image
Each incoming and outgoing call's number along with duration and time.
gps image
GPS postions captured at an adjustable rate with a link to a map.
contacts image
Every new and active contact in the phone's Contacts list.
email image
All inbound and outbound emails from the primary email account.
web image
All website addresses visited using the phone's web browser.
photo image
All photos and videos taken by the phone in full size.
After you install the Spouse Spy Software application directly onto the device - It's EASY! Anyone can do this! We'll show you how - it starts at every bootup. It remains stealthy and won't show up in the running processes list.
Logs are silently and discretely uploaded and stored in your secure online Spouse Spy Software account.
Your account is accessible only by you...
...from any web browser using the Username and Password you create.

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